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CAPER is a full-service dog event secretarial service.

We perform all the secretarial work for the following events:

Agility trials (AKC, UKC, and USDAA)
Herding tests/trials
Obedience/Rally trials
Single breed specialty shows/trials

We show and trial ourselves and are also involved in hosting events, so we know how best to serve both the clubs and the exhibitors.

Our secretarial services include:
For all events -
• preparing and distributing premium lists
• receiving and processing entries
• preparing and sending judging programs/entry confirmations
• generating all the paperwork for the event - catalogs, scribesheets/judge's books, running orders, gate sheets, armbands, etc.

For Full Service events -
• provide on-site personnel at the event: we score the trial or manage judge's books and generate/mark catalogs, post results, and (for agility) produce custom ribbon backs.
• prepare and send organization's catalog and related paperwork

For Trial-In-A-Box events -
• provide all the paperwork necessary for the club to handle the paperwork and file the results, sent to the club the week of the event

CAPER can also assist in obtaining ribbons and rosettes, and can help coordinate equipment needs (ring gates, obedience jumps, rally signs, agility equipment, etc.) through a local dog club, Cream City Canines Inc., for events in the southeastern WI area.

For more information, rates for services, and references, please contact CAPER personnel.